Los Lobos

‘The Wolves’
Mexico, USA
Year: 2019
Director: Samuel Kishi
Duration: 95min
Language: Español
Subtitles: English
Genre: fiction, drama
Age limit: 12


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This movie has on-site screenings in Caisa

Wednesday 21.10 at 18.00

Saturday 24.10 at 18.00

This film is supported by
the Embassy of Mexico 
in Finland. 



Expert review

“¿Ya vamos a Disney? – When do we go to Disneyland?, the brothers ask their mother once they have settled in one of the immigrant suburbs of the city. The Disneyland of their dreams is thousands of miles away. Equally far away seems to be the family’s dignified life.”

– Maija Salmi


You will find the film here on the festival week 21-25.10.2020.

Los Lobos is available online throughout the festival.