Expert review: A Primeira Morte de Joana

EN FI ES PT EN Cristiane Oliveira’s film A Primeira Morte de Joana (Eng. The First Death of Joana, 2021) starts from death. 13-year-old Joana says goodbye to her loved aunt […]

Expert review: Ninosca

EN FI ES PT EN NOTE: This review contains spoilers!  Ninosca is a film directed by Peter Torbiömsson through his camera lens for forty years. The film starts with a […]

Expert review: Blanco en Blanco

EN FI ES PT EN Director Théo Court’s second feature film – Blanco en Blanco (White on White, 2019) – is his return to the study of photography, which he […]

Artist Director’s Message

EN FI ES PT EN After almost two years of pandemia, I started to wonder: are we taking good care of our relations as before? What keeps us united?  Life […]

Cinemaissí Community Presents

One from the south, one from the north. When the balance between love, consent and empowerment in a couple is disturbed, something’s is bound to break, literally.

El libro de Lila

Lila, a character in a children’s story book, suddenly falls out of her paper world and ends up trapped in a place she doesn’t belong … And so starts this great adventure,
where Lila discovers that the only person who can save her is Ramon, but he has grown up and has not only stopped reading, but he’s also stopped believing in fantasy.


Writer, Visual Artist and pioneer of the Queer movement in Latin America,
Pedro Lemebel shook up conservative Chilean society during Pinochet’sdictatorship in the 1980s.

El perro que no calla

Sebastian is an ordinary man in his thirties devoted to his loyal dog and working
in a slew of temporary jobs. As he moves fitfully through adulthood, he navigates
love, loss and fatherhood – until the world is rocked by a sudden catastrophe,
upending his already turbulent life.