Thank you for attending Cinemaissí 2020!

Thank you everyone for attending the 15th edition of Cinemaissí!

This year Cinemaissí explored a new way to produce a film festival and you, our lovely audience, showed us that it doesn’t matter how Cinemaissí is organized – the only thing that matters is our mutual love for Latin American film and culture.

Invitation to our festival

Invitation to our festival I have a special invitation to everyone who has something to say and who wants to hear about Latin America: participate in Cinemaissí! From your home, […]

Doc Archive: 15 editions of Cinemaissí

Danilo Canguçu, Project Coordinator of Doc Archive tells how the project was born from the necessity to rescue memories about previous editions of Cinemaissí. Documenting our history is the best way to make visible what we have done over the years and learn from it. The Doc Archive is also a way to honor some of the people who created Cinemaissí. We hope it can inspire other projects to acknowledge their history, document it and share it.

Enjoy the festival safely

Cinemaissi always wants to offer our audience the best experience possible. That means great films, positive spirits and looking after each other, especially in a time of a pandemic.

Artistic Director’s message

Artistic Director’s message We present you 10 amazing films that will make you dream, laugh, cry and most importantly,  they will give you a food for thought while enjoying some […]