Thank you for attending Cinemaissí 2020!

Thank you everyone for attending the 15th edition of Cinemaissí!

This year Cinemaissí explored a new way to produce a film festival and you, our lovely audience, showed us that it doesn’t matter how Cinemaissí is organized – the only thing that matters is our mutual love for Latin American film and culture.

This year Cinemaissí was mainly an online festival with few limited onsite screenings at Cultural Centre Caisa. We were delighted to see that the our viewing numbers remained the same as in 2019, which not only indicates a valuable interest from you towards a carefully curated selection of the best Latin American cinema but also it is a valuable expression of your support for the Cinemaissí community.

Despite the circumstances, our onsite festival at Caisa had more than 300 visitors and four out of the six screenings were sold out. At the online festival, the films were viewed more than 1,800 times, which means that this year’s program had more than 2000 views in total! Especially the online festival passes were a popular item – it is wonderful to see that our audience wants to dive into the world of Cinemaissí and experience it to the fullest. The online festival came with one amazing advantage, everyone in Finland could travel to Latin America with us. Our online platform gained the most viewers in the region of Uusimaa but also people from e.g. Tampere, Turku, Pori and Oulu visited Cinemaissí and enjoyed our film selection.

Your feedback means everything to us, especially this year when we are learning how to organize an online festival. We want to improve our concept of an online festival to be even better and more functioning. Leave us feedback in the comments or in our social media.

See you next year! Cinemaissí 2021 is organized October 20th-24th 2021.

Cinemaissí 2020 was made possible with the support of TAIKE, City of Helsinki and the Ibero-American Institute of Finland, and with the collaboration ARMA Alliance and Embassies of Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile in Finland.