This year in Cinemaissí we took a concrete step towards recognizing the endless talent and creativity of our community. We started the Zinemaissí fan zine project: we invited artists and artist-minded people associated with Cinemaissí to contemplate on a selected theme in order to create a zine: a non-professional small publication presenting a specific cultural phenomenon.

Cinemaissí, at its best, is a community where people find themselves in new roles, doing things they have never done before. Zinemaissí is a reflection of this, born as an adventure, as a leap to something completely new. We wanted to invite the hidden talents of our community to create something together – to share our talent, to share our stories. All that was needed was enthusiasm, great ideas and persistence to learn the technical details of putting together a zine.

We were heartwarmed by the reception the idea got. When we sat around the table for the first time with the 8 artists we had invited to join, we noticed that we had been lucky to put together a truly exuberant, wholehearted group. 

The very first edition of Zinemaissí, Zinemaissí 0 evolves around the theme (Our) Stories of Vulnerability. The theme was born from stories told about migration and our contemplations of what power and privilege mean. But at the end, as can be oserved in the zine, vulnerability can mean so many things. It is in the pain we feel while learning to find our place among the rigid rules of the society, the physical pain that does not let us sleep at night, the way we reach out to others.

It takes strength to be vulnerable. But where we are vulnerable, that is where we meet.

Zinemaissí 0 is as diverse as the group of people behind it. We are writers, we are artists, newcomers, migrants. We are silent and shy; we are vocal and brave. We are finding our place.

Zinemaissí fan zine will be sold in Kulttuurikeskus Caisa in 26.10-27.10. There are only 50 copies available, so get yours quickly!

Noora Pitkälä

Board member, Coordinator of Zinemaissí

(For more information about the continuation of the Zinemaissí project, you can contact 

Felipe Gasnier worked on the layout of the zine. 

Yvapurü Samaniego made portraits of the working group: Vilma Pimenoff, Danilo Canguçu, Eduardo Tejedor, Felipe Gasnier, Lois Armas, Júlia Hajjar, Fabu Pires, Noora Pitkälä and Yvapurü Samaniego. 

Fabu Pires made the covers. Every zine is unique with its own cover and packaging.